Flowers Are the Most Thoughtful Way to Part with Your Deceased Loved Ones


It is quite disheartening to lose a loved one. Giving support to anyone who has lost their most cherished person in life is crucial to let them know that they are not alone in this journey of life. At the same time, lovingly remembering the deceased person is the best way to pay tribute to the soul that just left their human body.

Flowers are considered the most thoughtful way to represent your feeling of love and support when you are attending someone’s funeral. Flowers are symbolic and can carry your message most humbly.

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Choosing the right funeral floral arrangement

Although flowers are humble, not every flower and not every color are apt to use in floral arrangements that are specifically designed to show your tribute towards the deceased one and their families. Some of the flowers that are best for use in this particular scenario are:


  • Representing peaceful innocence, a lily makes for the best funeral flower and is often used in the decoration of the chapel during funerals.
  • White lilies also symbolize sympathy that you want to provide to the family of the deceased.


  • These are traditional funeral flowers and have been used for ages to make funeral caskets.
  • These flowers symbolize sincerity and strength during the time of grief.


  • The fresh-cut flowers in white and pale pink colors are often used in flower arrangements for a funeral.
  • These flowers in pure colors are a symbol of deep-hearted sympathy that you have for the family members of the deceased.


  • Yellow roses are often used to symbolize one’s strong bond with the deceased.
  • Pink and dark crimson roses are also used to show pure love and grief for the lost loved one respectively.


  • The ever-blooming mop-head hydrangea is perfect to present to the family of the deceased in their remembrance.
  • A symbol of sincerity, a flower arrangement of hydrangea is made to show heartfelt support to the family.

Carnations and tulips can also be used in shades of white to denote the purity of the soul. Adding messages of sympathy to your floral arrangements will provide the family of the deceased much-needed support. Although writing condolence messages is difficult, it is also extremely crucial. While writing sympathy notes, don’t forget to:

  • Be authentic.
  • Use simple language and short sentences.
  • Write about your memory of the deceased.
  • Adding a sympathy note for extended family.

Showing support and strength in such times of need is the least we can do for the people we have known for years. Add a personal touch and your support and emotions will be delivered in the right way.