Home coffee roasting: 8 mistakes to avoid


If you prefer roasting your coffee by yourself at home, you would have known that the procedure can become addictive. Especially with roasters like Breeze valley specialty coffee roasters, the process is simple and produces a premium coffee taste. You become obsessed with drinking your own delicious, fresh coffee feeling a sense of satisfaction that you made it.

But, before you become a top-notch roast, you will have to go through the different phases of the learning curve which could be steep. The process comes with many obstacles and pitfalls that could get in the way of quality and delicious roasts. The following are the eight mistakes you want to avoid when roasting your coffee.

1). Failing to preheat your equipment: Depending on the time of the year, the temperature of your equipment will fluctuate. This means that you will need to preheat the equipment before you roast the coffee. Failure to preheat the roaster will produce unevenly distributed heat which will certainly spoil your roasts.

2). Failing to take important notes as you roast: Home coffee roasting usually involves repeating various procedures and routines. If you do not note down the process, you could end up getting a different bean taste with your next roasts. You should document all temperatures from the start to finish. You might want to also record the changes in airflow and heat application.

3). Not resting the coffee after roasting: You will need to allow all roasted coffee to shed off its CO2 before you can decide to drink it. The resting time depends on the roast altitude, the variety, and the profile. One good rule is to allow the roasts a minimum of five days to release their CO2 content. Darker coffees can be drunk quickly, while lighter coffee can be allowed to cool for much longer.

4). Over and under roasting the coffee: This is a very common mistake with homemade coffee. If you know what type of coffee you want, you will easily avoid this. There are really fine lines when comes to home roasting. As a newbie, you will be plagued by these pitfalls and can be difficult to overcome.

5). Not knowing anything about your green coffee: Not knowing the type of coffee that you are roasting contributes to the mistake that people make. The less you know about your coffee, the less you can correctly handle it. All green beans have their variations. To avoid this mistake, you will need to understand every little unique detail about the coffee. The different coffee properties that a bean have means that it will often need special roasting processes

6). Baking beans: Baking is the word used to describe the roast problem that usually destroys the various flavour profiles in your green coffee. Your bean temperature could stall, instead of changing desirably. This will happen if you take off the roast heat at the wrong timing. To solve this problem, do not stall the temperature of the coffee before the first crack and then you should prevent baking.

7). Scorching: This is another mistake that happens on the application of excess heat at the initial stages of the coffee roast. If you have a scorched coffee bean, it is burnt on the outside whereas you have a raw element inside. To avoid this mistake, you will need to look out for too much heating at the starting stage f your roast. This usually happens in roasters that come with extremely powerful burners. Roasters like Breeze valley specialty coffee roasters help you avoid such defects.

8). Failing to clean out your equipment: Whereas many of the aforementioned mistakes will usually make your coffee taste rather badly, you should avoid using dirty home coffee roasting tools. These can be very hazardous and can spoil your entire coffee-making process. The wastes from coffee are highly flammable. The accumulation of chaff represents a significant fire hazard.


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