Valuable Factors to Consider For Avoiding Common Mistakes in T-Shirt Designing


Having a random symbol or phrase printed on a T-shirt can mean something to someone and nothing to an average Jane Doe. A funny phrase can make you laugh or start a conversation among people. An expression used in games can turn out to be an unknown marketer of that game. This is the appeal of wearing customized T-shirts.

Custom T-shirts for brand promotion are an inexpensive marketing campaign. It even outlives several comparable promotional techniques that need a consistent monthly budget like ads on TV or other media. They just vanish the moment you stop paying.

T-shirts keep on promoting your business as long as the T’s last. It can be many years, if you choose a high-quality fabric and printing technique. For more information on the printing technique, you can approach 


It is assumed that in T-shirt designing size does not matter but it does. The size gets determined by the garment properties, T-short style, and design nature. Shapes can look bigger than expected when the T-shirt is sized smaller, so consider using reduced size prints for small T’s. In terms of garment style, there can be a limited print area. Hoodies having a front pocket comprise a maximum 10” height, while toddler T’s max at 6”. Undoubtedly, size matters!


The amazing design turns heads but getting placement wrong will turn heads for an inappropriate reason, for example, belly print is never flattering. Check out the top print locations with the T-shirt printers before you determine.

Fonts & typography

There is a need to choose appropriate fonts, letter spacing, as well as line placing in respect to its interaction with the graphics. The T-shirt’s typing style has to be aesthetically pleasing.

Font choice conveys a lot of ideas or evokes unintentional emotions. Use only 2 to 3 different fonts, while T-shirt designing.


Each design has elements, which are organized concerning one another. This relation makes the overall composition. The composition is subjective but there are some basic rules to comply with elements like it must not be too crowded or too spaced out. An off-balanced design can draw eyes to an incorrect place.

Image quality

Always offer the printing company HD images. Sufficient pixel enhances the detailing and quality of printing. In general, the images must be 200 dpi or more at full size. A vector file is great because prints can get accurately sized without quality compromise. All the artwork submitted needs quality for the best results.


Color choices even play a huge role in choosing a printing technique. In screen printing, more colors mean more cost per T-shirt. In the DTG print technique and there is no need to consider color numbers because full-color photographs get printed. Adding a lot of colors can also backfire because the chances of clashing are more. It is wise to choose minimal colors, so the T’s get worn often in comparison to those with rainbow colors.


A visual difference between light and dark parts of the image is the definition of contrast. Black on white and white on black is the strongest contrast. Even bright colors on a dark background can be in high contrast. However, many choose a subtle look on low contrast print but choose carefully because there is a thin line between NO and low contrast.

With the above tips, you can avoid the common T-shirt printing mistakes to create an alluring custom T-shirt!