What You Must Know About Chinese Panda Coins?


The number of people showing interest on buying gold coins has increased in number across the world. One main reason for this is, many people consider buying gold coins as a safe investment. It also gives a kind of satisfaction to many people. When it comes to gold bullion coins you are not required to pay CGT until you sell them.

What to consider when buying gold coins?

  • Purity: Check the purity before buying them. As the number of fake companies are rising in number, you need to make sure that you buy these coins only from trustworthy companies. A trustworthy company is nothing but a licensed company.
  • Bill: You must choose a company which provides bill to their clients. This bill must contain all the details such as the ownership of the coins, total amount paid etc.
  • Flexibility: You should be able to sell those coins happily anywhere, at any time.

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Is gold the only option available for investment purpose?

Many people believe that gold and silver are the only precious metals to invest. But there are many other metals which you could consider for your investment. Take a look below to know about them.

  • Palladium: Palladium is one metal, which many people ignore. What you need to know is it is used in numerous industrial applications. Palladium is a silvery, lustrous metal that is employed in a variety of industrial and technological applications. This metal is also utilised in jewellery, medications, and chemical reactions, among other things. Many people have profited handsomely from their investments in this metal.
  • Platinum: Because of its scarcity and uniqueness, many investors overlook this metal when considering their investment options. Platinum is also commonly used in the automobile industry. This metal is also well-known for its health benefits.

Chinese Panda Coins: Interesting Facts

These coins are some of the few bullion coins that vary their design every year. Panda cubs or several pandas appear on the reverse design in general. It is their designs which have created a great following on market for these coins. Shenzhen, Beijing, and shanghai are among the Chinese mints that create panda coins. Most panda coins do not come with mintmarks, which helps in identifying their origin.

These coins are a great choice for the coin collectors, but for the metal investment purpose they may not be a good choice. These coins are 99.9% pure and they are very soft, which means you must handle them very carefully. Otherwise, they may get damaged. When it comes to these coins, they are manufactured at very higher standards than the bullion coins. If you are a collector, do buy these coins without fail.

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