Top Reasons on Why You Should Prefer Film Photography Over Digital Photography


We all wish to seize the time or moment and never let it go when we are with our special ones and enjoying the special occasion. The invention of camera has changed our lives to a point that though we cannot seize the time of that particular moment, but we can definitely capture it in a photograph and cherish those memories later in future.

All modern cameras mostly use digital technology. A digital camera without any doubt, provides very clear and amazing photographs. Nevertheless, it is sluggish when compared to film photography.

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Well, now if you are wondering that film photography is the old version of photography then you may have to rethink. If your wedding or engagement is near and you hope to capture beautiful and happy moments with your beloved, you must definitely consider film photography.

Why film photography would be a better choice than digital photography?

One would think that film photography is old and ancient method of photography. No one considers this type of photography in the modern world. However, there are certain advantages that film photography still has over digital one. Some of these benefits are:

  • Traditional film photography devices are cheaper when compared to digital camera.
  • There is no depreciation in the quality in a traditional camera over years as compared to a digital camera owing to its functioning that is based on pixels.
  • The image quality of traditional film photography is always up-to the mark. In film shooter, the light passing through the camera lens captures the picture.
  • This makes the quality of the picture incredible and unbelievable. It brings life in the picture making it a live representation of the moment.
  • It captures every minor detail, which renovates the photograph and makes it a piece of art. This is one of the most important feature that digital camera lacks.
  • One of the most amazing advantage of traditional film photography is that unlike digital camera it does not need any batteries or power.
  • The pictures captured in film camera are millennium and future proof. We all see the beautiful photographs of our grandparents and admire the moment. All thanks to the film camera.
  • Traditional film photography not only captures the moment but the emotions as well. The warmth, the light, and the acuity of the photo reflect the sentiments of the occasion.
  • Film camera has higher dynamic range catching every detail of white and black, light and dark and thus adds value to the image.

Film photography can be expensive and time consuming when compared to digital photography. However, if you are seeking images with which you can connect at an emotional level then you would never regret choosing traditional film photography over the digital ones.