How To Combine Types Of Necklaces and Dress Perfectly


Color is everywhere, in your clothes, in your jewelry, in the advertising you see, and the displays in retail stores. Color is life. Intentionally coordinating your wardrobe (clothing) and your jewelry can make or break your carefully planned outfit, draw attention to your best features (or your flaws), and help you create an image that is uniquely you.

Every woman loves to use their own necklace to dress. But they often neglect that every story shape belongs to the different necklace if they want to have a perfect combination. Wearing a necklace will have very big foil effect on appearance.

When a necklace made of different material, shape and play style and overall lines after wearing effect! Will have a big impact and even change the look of the visual effects. The right choice to wear a necklace will be a basic syllabus for the woman. This article will be a mix of several common ways to be more of a highlight of women’s beauty.

For women who have thick neck: This body shape, let’s always feel small and thick, if you choose a shorter chain, it will make the neck look rough shorter; Slender necklace or necklace with a pendant to wear, necklace set on “V” shaped lines line of sight evoked by a feeling of drooping, oblong neckline feeling, to the visual effects of the neck to form the lack of shapes.

Women who have slim neck: This body is just like the “Thick neck” shape, you are supposed to avoid a slender necklace or a necklace with a pendant that can let your neck last much longer. Choose the best with shorter necklace, collars or coarse necklace.

Round Face Women: Collar or a chain of beads strung does not fit this form at all. Too much “round” decor also brings rounded lines. Exactly if “Thick neck” shape, you can choose necklace or necklace with a pendant. It can be hung by means of a necklace “V” shape to form the optical effects.

Square Face Shape Women: If you wear a shaped pearl necklace chain beautifully, the feeling of the face shape may facilitate founders, should you not choose a diamond necklace or rectangular necklace to avoid the visual effects.

Steampunk fashion is not one that is casual or unsophisticated; in fact, it embodies certain traits that make followers appear incredibly respectable. This slender face shape should not wear the slender necklace or a necklace with steampunk pendants; because after a long chain hanging arc formed slightly deepen the impression of a long face. Short and thick necklace, collar or necklace sets are more suitable for long face shape.

Narrow and thin face shape: It is best not to choose the necklace that is too light color, should choose the necklace with some shiny necklace to add fullness and vivid atmosphere of the face.