Choosing Unique and Memorable Wedding Rings


Going outside the norm to find you and your spouse’s wedding rings can be the perfect way to find bands that are unique, memorable, and anything but ordinary.

Alternative Materials

Metal and gems are not the only materials that can compose a unique and attractive set of wedding bands. Wood, stone, resin, and silicone are just a few examples of unique mediums that lend themselves to stylish designs and memorable moments.

Silicone bands come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They are perfect for those who have more active jobs or lifestyles. They are also a good idea for those who live in warmer climates as fingers tend to swell with the rising temperatures. Wood rings can be made into intricate or modern designs, are lightweight, and suitable for those with metal allergies. Stone rings will have a similar weight and feel to metal, but with an added natural element. You can find rings made from dinosaur bones, pearls, flowers, quartz, recycled skateboards, buffalo horns, and more.

Custom Designs

The next option is to have a set of rings custom made. The possibilities for this option are endless. You could find a cross ring with their favorite Bible verse on it, or have the date of the big day engraved on the band.

There are some truly talented and amazing artists out there who have found unique ways to encapsulate the magic moment by having the spouse’s fingerprint engraved into the design. You could even have the audio file of when your beloved actually says “I do”, or their heartbeat the moment they see you for the first time carved onto a piece.

Christian Bands

For many the ceremony of marriage is as deeply spiritual as it is sentimental. That is when Christian themed cross rings can be a great choice. Made with gold, sterling silver, and Cubic Zirconia they are beautiful, stylish, and will hold far more meaning than big-box jewelry stores’ generic options. They are also far more affordable and will help those trying to maintain a strict budget. You could also get the bands with the CZ now, and have the stones replaced with diamonds as an anniversary gift.

Your wedding day is the most important and special day of your adult life. Why let a large jewelry organization choose what styles you should have for your rings? Going off the beaten path and finding a unique or custom wood, silicone, stone, or cross ring can be the best way to have a band that is like your new marriage, anything but ordinary.