Interesting Chandelier Ideas to Consider When Upgrading Your Home


A staircase chandelier is one of the best ways to illuminate your staircase. There are several such chandeliers available in the market in varying size, and style to choose from.

If you are in search of the ideal chandelier for your staircase, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you some useful lighting tips that will help in easing your selection.


This is a chandelier that has a raindrop design. It adds a whimsical touch to the gateway and makes an attractive focal point for all guests. The materials that create this design have the white shade that gets easily paired with other pieces of furniture. Sofari is a leading online store that presents a vast range of staircase chandeliers to incorporate in your house.


This type of chandelier comes in an unusual shape that makes it a great way to illuminate your staircase. A sputnik chandelier in a neutral color and matte finish will complement your existing design. The design of these chandeliers looks creative, and become a style symbol.

Gold Accents

How about adding a golden touch to your staircase? Chandeliers with gold accents give a classy and sophisticated touch to the overall appearance of your room. A grand chandelier is an ideal fit for a luxury gateway.


For minimalist ideas, a modern chandelier would be the best choice. Its forward design ensures that your chandelier catches the attention of your guests.

Ways to plan for installing a lighting system in your house

After when you have decided the right chandelier for your house, it is now the time to install it. So, here are some ways by which you can easily illuminate your staircase.

  • Get an idea of the premise, as well as the staircase to come up with the right size of the chandelier.
  • Decide about the material and their color that you wish your chandelier should be made of.
  • Decide the position of the placement of the chandelier. It could be at the entrance of a store, or a public building, or in your living room.
  • Decide whether you are satisfied with the original design, or need some customization in it. You may require considering multiple light sources to get the best effect of your chandelier.
  • Before you are installing it, you should examine the load capacity of the ceiling. Ensure that it is capable of holding the chandelier. Also ensure that it can’t be touched from the staircase to avoid any issues.
  • Pay proper attention to its cleaning and maintenance to keep it in the best condition. For this, you will need to access it. So, think about safe means to use for this purpose.


The selection of the right chandelier for your space involves consideration of a wide range of factors. These are some of the best picks in the market that are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. With these tips in mind, you are all set to enjoy the benefits of Chandelier in your home.