How You Can Deal With Any Tailgating Drivers


Nowadays, drivers on the Australian roads are increasingly becoming too aggressive on the road and the scariest thing that can happen is being tailgated on the roads by your following motorists. Tailgating is following too close to your car, which is a dangerous on-road driving behaviour not only for the tailgater, but also for the car being tailgated.

It can happen to everyone, and most often aged drivers become the target as they tend to drive at the lower speed limit and younger drivers think that they can be easily bullied.

It is always better to undergo Safer Drivers Course designed by LTRENT particularly for the learner drivers who are aspiring for a driving license to drive their car. This course will help you to learn more about safe driving, anticipating hazards, and reducing risks or situations by taking well-informed decisions while on the road.

If you ever find yourself being tailgated on the road then you should not lose your cool. Following are a few things that you can do.

  • Check whether the car following you is indeed traveling too close

Often you may misjudge too so it is better to check through your rear mirror. Often in a crowded place driver tends to drive too close.

  • Trust the law

It is always considered illegal to tailgate, and hence if somebody is driving very close to the rear of your car, then they are on the wrong side of the law for sure.

  • Move your car out of the way

The best thing you can do is go out of the way of the car following you and let him overtake. Quite possibly he may be in hurry.

  • Pullover but don’t speed up

In case, you are driving on winding roads, then allow him to pass when you feel it safe or when you find that there are lanes for overtaking.

  • Stay out of a high-speed lane

As you feel that it is safer for him to overtake you, slightly slow down and pull towards the left.

  • Maintain your speed constant

If you maintain your constant throughout then the driver who is following you will be able to predict when for him it is quite safe for him to overtake you.

  • Travel at your chosen speed

You should not change your speed rather remain at the speed that you are comfortable with and don’t allow a tailgating driver to push up your speed faster than what you are comfortable with.

  • Check your driving behaviour

In case you do not find any lane on your left then you must continue to drive and the moment you notice one then you reduce your speed and move into the lane.

  • Travel behind any truck

If you take your position behind the truck then the driver following you will notice it and then he will try to move out into another lane.

  • Dim your internal mirror

You can also dim your internal mirror if traveling at night otherwise he can blind you with his headlight.

Initially, it may look challenging, but you can overcome such a situation with your preservation.