Ways Of Wearing Cat Eye Glasses


Cat-eye glasses are giving dramatic look and are highly popular in the present times. Cat eye glasses are not anymore grandmother’s choice as the retro style has made a great comeback giving in to the vintage look. Some styles never go out of fashion and cat-eye shades are considered to be one of them. These are awesome purchases if suiting to your face style.

Voogueme is a website selling cat eye glasses in varying colors and ranges. All have unique shapes and tend to suit one’s face properly. These glasses are highly affordable and the website comes with discounts for appealing to customers.

Different styles of cat-eye frames

This frame type has come a long way right from your grandmother’s days. It adds striking cat-eye features to all the contemporary frames found today. They help in increasing and boosting confidence by adding charm and elegance to your outfits and face.

  • It adds a perfect image instantly by becoming a true style weapon.
  • You have to put on correct dressing sense going with cat eyeglasses frames.
  • For women, wearing it with a black dress and trench coat looks classic
  • For men, take it along jeans, and a black belt suits it all up.

Pulling off cat eyeglasses look

Since the creation of cat eyeglasses, it has been a fashion statement since forever. In the 70s, the round and angular looks were so in style and very famous. Cat eye glasses are so appealing because of its versatility and amazing flattering shapes. Having the winged corners add a feministic approach to the frames.

The upswept angles draw special attention to the uplifting of the facial features. It suits round faces best having bold and angular lines. The striking details soften the rounded jawlines. Each face is beautiful to its variations. Choosing frames according to your face type is so important so that you can maintain the pleasing look in society.

How to buy cat eyeglasses online?

There are so many websites from where you can buy cat eyeglasses. Choose genuine and reliable websites offering discounts and great prices. Some things to keep in mind while choosing cat eye sun shades are listed as under:

  • Find the perfect shape according to your facial type that highlights your facial features.
  • Discover various styles from different websites before choosing for a shade. You must do thorough research of all the cat-eye shades and then make a decision.
  • Focus on your overall image and lenses help in bringing out the outfit to a brighter sense.
  • Handpicked frames are of the highest quality and are available at discounts on many websites.
  • If planning to buy shades, purchase a minimum UV400 rating on the lens coatings. It is perfect for outdoor use as well.
  • Sunglasses help in protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays.


Styles are meant to be simple and trendy and cat-eye frames do just that. Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, all look up to cat eyeglasses for maintaining their iconic images.