How Combining CBD With Chinese Traditional Medicine Can Help?


CBD or cannabidiol compound has gained a lot of popularity for its significant therapeutic benefits. This holistic healing alternative has forced states to make CBD products that is legal for medical use. However, CBD products are still not legal at the federal level.

Due to its demand, the last decade has seen a variety of CBD products hitting the medical marijuana dispensary shelves. CBD oil is infused in multiple food and drinks. You can even vape and apply it to the skin. Cannabidiol has revealed a lot of potential in terms of therapy and business. Traditional Chinese medicines [TCM] are popular and when you combine it with CBD the benefits can be synergistic.

What is CBD?

It is a compound and phytocannabinoid family member. Cannabis plants hold hundreds of compounds and CBD is one of them. Most of the CBD extract is derived from a hemp plant belonging to a cannabis clan. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. It means you don’t get the cannabis associated ‘bodily high’. The euphoric effect you feel is because of a compound called THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC and CBD differ from one another in their mind-altering potential. THC supplies a high state, while CBD delivers a relaxing and gentle feel that enhances the user’s general well-being. Therefore CBD is perfect for medicinal use.

The relationship between CBD and Chinese culture dates thousands of years in the past. CBD was used to complement other medicines and boost health, during treatment back then.

How TCM and CBD combination works?

TCM identified CBDs healing potential in regulating ECS ages ago. For example, acupuncture practice is used to stimulate meridians. Meridians are your body’s life force channels, where the cannabidiol receptors CB1 and CB2 are situated.

Both receptors play a huge role in your ECS. They interact with the neurons communicating with the brain. CBD can help to enhance the effects of the receptor through stimulation via inserting needles and puncturing. In the same way, CBD products can help to arouse the receptors making ECS function optimally. It includes adenosine release that improves pain tolerance and reduces inflammation.

TCM modernization has introduced electropuncture, where a low level of electric current is allowed to pass through the needles, which works with CB1 and CB2 receptors. It helps to enhance anandamide hormone [blissful module] that induces pain relief. CBD products also help to relieve painful symptoms. Therefore, when acupuncture and CBD get blended many health issues can be resolved.

Benefits of TMC that CBD can enhance

Pain relief

The main aim of TMC practice like acupuncture is to offer pain relief. Adenosine is released that increases pain tolerance. Psoriasis and eczema cause inflammation and pain. Adenosine enhances the ability of your body to fight inflammation. CBD products too help to ease inflammatory issues.

Easing anxiety

Pain and anxiety are both related. Acupuncture helps to lessen the tension that is caused by anxiety. CBD is capable to relax your mind and make one stress-free. Thus the tension caused because of anxiety also gets eased.

Enhances balance in bodily functions

Acupuncture makes the body release chemicals necessary for biochemical balance. The needles stimulate cannabinoids enhancing body balance at the cellular level. Similarly, CBD stimulates the same balance working on a cellular level.

Combining CBD and acupuncture many health issues can be treated holistically!